Some more tardcat shenanigans.

Leave enough room behind you when sitting on the couch, and this happens..

Just lounging

Gaming is hard work


Wrapped into a ball

Because racecat

Cat hammock?

Wedged between the wall and the back of the couch. His once secret hiding place where he would go to avoid being put outside.


Long overdue..

Well damn.

I know I said I would update this more often. I lied.

I’m sorry.

I’ve finally settled into a new job arrangement, so hopefully I will have time to actually update this more often. I might even add in some stuff that isn’t related to that silly orange cat.

But for now, here’s some more Kobe/tardcat for your enjoyment!

Shoulder Cat

Window Cat

Sleepy Kitteh โค

Drift Cat

Just doesn’t care..

Squeezed into my hoodie

Oh so snuggly


There is catnip on the rug.. and he’s so focused on it he won’t let it go, even when he’s suspended vertically. Derp.

Cat bridge

Hoping against all hope we will let him inside. Nope.

My parents’ own “tardcat” who had to be put down recently. RIP Edwin ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I love this cat..

Gamer kitty

Can you find him?

Put him in a box, he doesn’t care. Also, Rubbermaid disproves Schrodinger ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just content ๐Ÿ™‚

More to come in a few days..-A

Oh hai there!

As with many thousands of blogs around, this one has been a wee bit neglected.

I’m sorry, I promise to do better.

Such is the busy life of a student. But.. *gasp* aha! I have finally concluded my post secondary studies! If I feel so inclined, I can walk away with a piece of paper and never return. I’ve got to say, it feels damn good. Grade school was a longer journey, but this one was a far more arduous one (which reflects in the fact that it took me 6 years to do a degree that can technically be finished in four) and one that I feel so much more proud for accomplishing. Now it feels like it didn’t happen, but then I reflect on the courses I survived through:

Biochemistry: extremely subjective chemical situations, coupled with professors who never gave a clear indication of what was important to know and contracting scarlet fever halfway through the semester (no this isn’t the Oregon Trail)ย equaled the most stressful semester of the lot which resulted in needing to take a year off to clam down.

Statistics: Oh dear spaghetti monster. Take math, add some abstract theories and assumptions, mix in a bit of “science”, and manipulate any way you like to get your desired results and the basis on which scientific theories are shown to be more or less correct. Difficult concepts to wrap your head around, and yet so very fundamental to science that you can’t just skim over it. One of those classes that you don’t know if you’ve passed or not until the final grades are assigned.

Microbiology: A fascinating subject that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I had an awesome professor but, damn, there was so much stuff to remember. Not only that, there was a lab component that required you remember just as much (AKA more) information and apply it practically. Oh, also, it was over two-semesters = 8 full months of it.ย 

Conservation Biology: Sounds easy, sounds interesting, right? Well maybe at any other school it is, but nonono not for me. This is a situation where the professor makes all the difference.ย In this case, professor took what sounded to be a great course to boost my biology degree into something dry, boring, and painful. Let’s take some abstract (but still clear) theories/concepts and add our friend MATH to them, twist them around so animals are now just numerical figures to be played with, and then use these situations to determine the fate of species on the brink of extinction. After all this, find out that no matter how hard you try things are going to go extinct and it’s all our fault.ย 

Evolution: Another course where a boring, dry professor took an otherwise enthralling topic and turned it, well, boring and dry. The only class in my whole University career where I actually brought a laptop so that I could do other things (aka creep Facebook) so that I wouldn’t fall asleep.


…Anyways. I’m sure we can all relate, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I feel the need to congratulate myself and everyone else who has one on degree well done ๐Ÿ™‚

And I promise to write more.ย 


Some more “tardcat” action, enjoy!

Loved by all, even (especially) my weird friends.

Haha.. wedged against the back of the couch and a sleeping Jordan. Picture courtesy of Nick Oldford.

Curled up in the tightest ball possible.

Wedge him on his back between the duvet, he cares not.

Climb in the paper bag..

..sleep in the paper bag.

wedged between Cole and Warren

hanging out on my lap while I eat breakfast.


happy to hang out in the garage on my lap while I sit on a jack.

creepin’ on the sleepin’ Kobe.


a little birdy told me.

A few shots from my last day out for the migration season at Rocky Point Bird Observatory. Seems the migration season is a few weeks late this year, the numbers are starting to pick up finally.

Female Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (RCKI)

A big, fat, loud American Robin ๐Ÿ˜‰ (AMRO)

Pacific Northwest variation of the Winter Wren (WIWR); here this guy is called the Pacific Wren (PAWR)

Hard to tell.. but there were about 300 Turkey Vultures (TUVU) circling above us on this day. They’re “staging”, getting ready to head down South for the winter. We saw about 600-700 of these on this day, so cool!

A fine specimen of a Fox Sparrow (FOSP).

A friend of mine tells me this is a Tomato Hornworm, the caterpillar of the Hawk Moth. Found this guy on a very determined mission to places unknown.

The day saved the best for last, got this guy on our last net round of the day. A McGillivray’s Warbler (MGWA), what a stunner!

“Hoo” do you think you are!?

As mentioned previously, I volunteer at Rocky Point Bird Observatory and as well as monitoring the migration of passerine birds, they also have a Northern Saw-Whet Owl monitoring program. Basically, we go out from sunset until about 1 or 2am and set up mist nets to catch and band the cutest owls you’ve ever seen. We take measurements of wing size, eye colour, and weight, among other things.

Here’s a few pics, enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚